About Us


Live Out Loud Coach is run by Paula de Haen, an Australian currently living in the USA. Paula is a Certified Professional Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and a published writer and photographer. In addition to her coaching practice, Paula is VP of People Programs for a global live entertainment company. In this role, she develops and manages people programs for thousands of employees across North America. 


"Fear is inevitable, bravery is optional. Find your courage to face your fears and transcend the everyday." 

- Paula de Haen

Paula created this credo and has strived to live by it. To that end, she has tried her hand at all manner of things such as sky diving, scuba diving, mountain bike racing, sailing, triathlons, and more. Paula holds an Advanced Open Water Diver Certification and just for fun, recently got her motorcycle license. She is also an accomplished equestrian who competes with her horses in show jumping and 3 Day Eventing. Paula has  been fortunate to travel to many incredible places, enjoying adventure travel the most.  White water rafting down the Zambezi River in Africa, hiking in and out of the Grand Canyon, and riding in the annual Feria Del Caballo parade in Jerez, Spain are some of her favorite adventures. 

With 25+ years of traveling the world and experience in leadership, communication, public speaking, coaching, training, and competing, Paula has a unique perspective and extensive skills and experience to share with her clients.Through her coaching practice, Paula wants more than anything to give back and support others as they break through whatever barriers are holding them back. 

Coaching Philosophy

Live Out Loud coaching is based on the Core Energy Process and Energy Leadership Index developed by Dr Bruce D Schneider, founder of IPEC. This proven process helps people tap into their inner purpose and passion, and connect that with outer goals and tasks to bring about sustainable results. With the help of a coach, results-oriented professionals can get powerful, measurable and oftentimes miraculous results that last. 


Programs range from 4 to 12 session packages. We offer one complimentary session to begin. For clients local to Arizona or who wish to travel in, we also offer a unique coaching program using horses. Working with these amazing animals will challenge you to face your fears and learn leadership skills in a safe yet dynamic environment. No horse experience is required. All our horse work will be done on the ground at our facility, located in the spectacular Sonoran Desert of Arizona.


About our Horses

Luna Park

Luna is a 5 year old Trakehner from Germany. At over 17 hh, he is one tall drink of water. He is still a kid in many ways, super playful and accident prone. Currently Luna is in training to be a 3 day event horse.


Originally from Chicago, Merry is  an 10 year old Oldenburg gelding. Merry loves to be brushed and fussed over. He doesn't compete anymore, preferring instead to munch on apples and go out on casual trail rides with his mates.  


Tanner is our spicy Mustang. Proving that great things come in small packages, Tanner has a presence that can't be denied.  Tanner is a bit of a trickster, easily charming everyone he comes in contact with.